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The Best Kitchen Cabinet Paint Colors By Dana Tucker 4 Comments If you are considering painting your kitchen cabinets you have probably spent some time on Pinterest and/or Houzz looking for kitchens similar to yours to get ideas on what color to paint your kitchen cabinets.

Find the white or off-white in your countertop. We are trying to find the best white paint color for our kitchen cabinets. Our trim and crown molding is a close match to BM's Super White but I'm afraid the kitchen will come across too stark if we go with that. I envision a crisp

Off-White / Cream Painted Cabinets. The second most popular cabinet color is an off-white or cream. In many homes a bright white color on the kitchen cabinets can be too bright. This is often the case if the rest of the trim in the house is off-white or if the counters or flooring in the kitchen are on the warm side of the color spectrum.

America loves a white kitchen. We get it. White's clean, simple, orderly—and, even devotees have to agree, a bit of a no-brainer. But we're here to tell you that color can be a kitchen's best friend, cleverly highlighting architectural details or transforming dated cabinetry.

White cabinets offer a bright, neutral canvas in the kitchen that lends itself to almost any personal style. That said, it can become challenging to select a paint color for the walls that will look perfect with your new white cabinetry.

"So many kitchens today are white and gray, to which yellow is often the perfect complement. This color works very well with white cabinets, white marble calacatta and Carerra. I've even paired it with very casual concrete countertops." — Lindsey Coral Harper. SHOP NOW