?>Paint Old Kitchen Cabinets Before And After | 2020 Home Design

Paint Old Kitchen Cabinets Before And After | 2020 Home Design

Custom Kitchen Cabinets Painted with Milk Paint

Our kitchen gets a long awaited DIY makeover! We have been wanting to paint our cabinets for a long time and finally found the time, money and energy to do it! We couldn't be more happy with the

Just be sure to clean the cabinets well with a degreaser first. (I just used Dawn dishsoap.) Then I would do the sealer. If the cabinets feel a little rougher than you would like, you could lightly sand after the sealer before painting, but you probably won't need to. Good luck! Painting cabinets is time consuming but so worth it!

This short video will guide you through the process of refinishing your kitchen cabinets in 10 easy steps. Updating your cabinets can bring new life to your kitchen, giving you more a modern look

great tutorial! i'm currently on step 5 in my kitchen, glad to see that i've been doing things correctly. i can't wait to finish this project up, i think it will make a huge difference. and seeing your before and after (well, before and temp. after) pictures above has made me even more confident that painting our dark wood cabinets a light color will help to make the space seem brighter

If your cabinets have any holes or gouges you will need to fill them. If you plan on using new hardware that is a different size than the original, you will have to fill the old hardware holes before painting. Apply tape to the back surface of the cabinet doors underneath those holes. Then fill holes with the wood filler.

Kitchen Cabinet Colors - Before & After. by Melissa @ The Inspired Room Jan 28, My current kitchen is lacking in cabinets so we are going to add new Ikea ones but I am hoping save the old cabinets around the sink, even though the doors will be different. Did you paint the kitchen