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How Often Should You do a Water Change on Your Koi Pond This is one of our most Frequently Asked Questions, so we decided to share the "basics" of water changes. We have included the methods we utilize to perform water changes and a list of Don't Forgets to help keep your Koi Pond at its best!

Goldfish and koi can survive winter outdoors, so long as ponds don't freeze completely freeze solid.

Ponds should be "winterized" to ensure koi are safe and healthy throughout winter when ponds freeze over. Winter is a time when everything in a pond slows right down; including your fish! After an entire summer of feeding and thriving, fish start to prepare for hibernation (technically, a state called " torpor ") as colder weather draws close.

A winter pond cover provides protection from extreme winter temperatures. If you live in an area that experiences cold temperatures like we do, a winter pond cover can be a life saver, literally. We have covered our main pond during the winter for several years, and have great success.

Goldfish and koi are very hardy fishes; they can survive water temperatures as low as 0°C, which means they can survive in the pond during the winter as long as it doesn't freeze solid and they have adequate water quality and oxygen.