Outdoor Koi Ponds Winter

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Outdoor Koi Ponds Winter

Posted by Brune Amite on Sunday, 1 December, 2019 07:19:49

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Goldfish and koi can survive winter outdoors, so long as ponds don't freeze completely freeze solid.

A pond can be a stunning backyard feature, especially with graceful fish gliding through the water, nibbling delicately at plants and even interacting with visitors. If your pond may freeze over in winter, however, which fish breeds can survive that cold snap? Fish Breeds for Winter Ponds

In most parts of the United States it's best to leave fish in the pond during the winter, providing the depth of the pond is adequate (18˝ or deeper) and there is little or no water circulation. The denser, warmer water will sink to the bottom of the pond, where it will be insulated by the cooler surface water or ice, and fish will gather in this deep, warm area.

The first method of over wintering koi is to keep pond water at 40 to 45 degrees all winter. Fish metabolism is slowed and fish begin to store energy for winter. With slowed metabolism, wheat germ should replace summer food. A heater will need to be running continuously as long as the temperatures are low.

Goldfish and koi hate wintertime more than we do. Neither species of fish are indigenous to North America, so in our colder climates, they merely "survive" winter. They don't flourish in it. In the southern part of our country, the winters are pretty balmy and very little ice appears on the ponds.