Inside Tiny House Boat

Asian Inspired Houseboat for Sale at Seattle Harbor - Tiny

Inside Tiny House Boat

Posted by Brevard Alfred on Sunday, 1 December, 2019 07:08:04

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You know what's better than a tiny house? A tiny houseboat, of course. This adorable home in Vancouver is on the market for $229,000 CAD —that's about $175,372. The 300-square-foot home, built in 1984, is one of just twenty boats docked in Coal Harbour Marina, which is within walking distance

Tiny House Interiors. Making great use of space is critical in tiny houses. Bedrooms are often found in lofts, and if you're lucky, you'll have a stairway to the loft instead of a ladder. This tiny home interior makes perfect use of light with white walls and ceiling, along with skylights and windows. Photo by Bret Franks Construction, Inc.

Rosebud Tiny House Boat This is the Rosebud tiny houseboat. It's a mini tug trawler boat that you can live tiny in if you wanted. Even though this is probably a little too tiny for most, would you ever seriously consider living in a tiny boat like this?

At the bottom you can watch a video of the house boat being launched - just like a regular boat! The houseboat is wheelchair accessible and has plenty of space on the rear deck to hang out. A metal ramp allows the wheelchair to move inside.

Woodworker Builds The Perfect Tiny House Boat for Life on the Water Canada on our way to pick up some RV windows so we emailed the owner and asked him if we could take a tour inside and have