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The ball faucet was brought to market in 1954 by Delta faucet and made popular as a single lever kitchen faucet by Delta FaucetĀ® and its DIY brand, PeerlessĀ®, starting in the 1970s. This type is also popular as a bathroom faucet. These faucets have no traditional washers that leak, but they do have spring-loaded rubber seals.

Instructions 1. Place your hand under the dripping spout to feel the temperature of the leaking water, 2. Turn off the water to the faucet by turning both water valve handles under the sink clockwise. 3. Remove the screw holding the handle in place. 4. Wrap duct tape around the jaws of the

How to Repair a Peerless Two-Handled Kitchen Faucet Step 1. Turn off your water supply. Step 2. Take off the cover on the handle by inserting the edge of a knife under the edge Step 3. Lift the handle off the faucet base. It should slide right off the stem of the cartridge. Step 4. Remove the

How to Repair a Leaking Kitchen Faucet Base. Over time, the rubber washers and O-rings that create a watertight seal can deteriorate and cause the kitchen faucet to leak and puddle around the base. Disassembling the faucet and replacing the O-rings can stop your leaks and add years to your faucet.

How to Fix a Leaky Faucet. The annoying drip of a leaky faucet can cause higher water bills and irritation. Fortunately, it's easy to fix yourself if you can identify the type of faucet and get the necessary tools for the job. Why pay a

Faucet: Fix a Single Handle Delta-Peerless Faucet. Step 10: Place the ball back into the faucet, sliding the slot in the side of the ball over the pin inside the faucet body. Step 11: Replace the spout, followed by the cam assembly and the cap assembly. Step 12: Test to be sure the ball moves freely in the faucet body.