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Burn through calories while you burn through your work

Exercise ball works better than a chair, but you can still find ways of slouching on it. I've gone on to a stand up desk for work, myself, but if forced to sit I'd choose the ball over a chair. level 2 zosek08

16 Best Balance Ball Chairs For Sitting Behind A Desk 1. Classic Gaiam Balance Ball Chair. 2. Gaiam Custom Fit Adjustable Balance Ball Chair. 3. Backless Balance Ball Chair. 4. Trideer Exercise Ball. 5. Kids Balance Ball Chair. 6. Vivora Luno. 7. Zenergy Ball Chair. 8. Technogym Wellness

It compared people sitting on an exercise ball and an office chair for one hour each while performing various routine computer-based office tasks. Spinal posture as well as the use and activation of eight different muscles were recorded, measured, and analyzed.

Sitting on a gym ball at work - The facts Recently the trend for swapping out your office chair for a gym ball has swept through the UK with many asking the question " is a gym ball better for my back than a conventional chair?".

THE FACTS Exercise balls are becoming a popular alternative to plain old office chairs, a way — some say — to burn more calories and improve posture. The increase in the calorie burn is real but

Because the body is engaged, you inevitably burn more calories sitting on an exercise ball than you do in a desk chair. The muscles are at work on the ball, not at rest like when you are in a chair. Small movements to keep yourself balanced means that there is always some physical activity going on.