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The following buffet recipes and plans will help you plan the perfect buffet. Buffets are an easy way to host a large party and allows more time for socializing, by cutting back on kitchen and serving duties. A buffet can be as casual or formal depending on the occasion. The first thing to do when …

And if you like stuffed mushrooms, you'll love Rachel Ray's artichoke and cheese version. Eggplant Chips With Cilantro Pesto. Chips and dip is always a party favorite, but for a variation on the classic standby, give eggplant chips a try. The beautiful color and sweet taste pair perfectly with fresh cilantro pesto.

From finger food and buffet ideas to cocktails and cakes, we've got easy party food recipes for every kind of event. The big dippers Crisps, crudities, pitta breads and more - a party isn't a

For easy entertaining, party buffets that don't require a lot of cooking once the ingredients are set out are great. For pizzas , all you need is a broiler to melt the cheese topping, if you decide to go that route, while a Crock-Pot (or pot on the stove) will ensure your soup or mac 'n' cheese will be just as hot for the last person as it was for the first.

Baked Potatoes. A serve-yourself baked potato bar is an easy and affordable way to add a creative spin to a classic buffet. Offer baked russet or Idaho potatoes and an array of toppings to choose from. Melted cheese, ham, sour cream, bacon, veggies, and avocados are all great options.

Visit the best all-you-can-eat buffet in your Read the 21 creative recipes perfect for football por Vida shrinks the popular southern meal into a morsel for one example of easy party