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Flux Swing: Dynamic Living Room Compositions with Modular Ease

A big shelf decorating don't is lining up items of the same height. Their uniform size can appear flat and boring. Instead, "mix different heights by contrasting high and low to keep the eye traveling," says Mary Carol. When gathering pieces to decorate shelves, make sure you have a combination of short, medium and tall objects.

Design by Ruth Kintzer Interior Design. Corner floating shelves make a perfect idea if you are low on floor space in your dining room. This will create an easily accessible space for keeping your essentials or even help with adding decorative elements to the theme.

IKEA's shelves and cube storage units are the perfect solution to organize everything in your home, from beautiful objects you love to display to the essentials you just need to keep track of. Our collection features a large selection of different sleek styles in a wide variety of sizes to match your personal taste and space needs.

Floating shelves are beautiful and unique and also a great illusion to create, especially if you have small space. And if you are a DIY-lovers, check out these 43 creative DIY floating shelves living room decorating ideas below to inspire you.

The modular shelving Snake Ladder design is perfect vertical storage for accessories & items in your living room. Although the plan is flexible and can be configured to be a horizontal snake -to make something completely new, it's crafted with ABS plastic and entirely resistant to fungus growth and germs .

Living Room Shelving Ideas DIY Your Dream Living Room Decorative Shelves for Living Room. Whenever our family travels, we tend to pick up little souvenirs here and there to commemorate our adventures. I like displaying these little trinkets in our living room, either on a shelf or a coffee table.