Carbon Fiber Basement Wall Detail | 2020 Home Design

58 Basement Wall Reinforcement, Johnson County Building

Non-intrusive carbon strap lays flat and is easily painted over for hiding repair. After a couple of days of drying then paint over the carbon fiber strap with regular wall paint. The strap is very unobtrusive and hides well when painted. Epoxy based paints, although not required, are always recommended for basements.

Carbon Fiber can be a great, inexpensive solution to stop a bowing wall. However, proper installation is critical in the success or failure of the carbon fiber strap. Before we discuss proper carbon fiber installation, let's talk about why a basement wall will bow.

30 staples, 3 600 ml cartridges of epoxy, Concrete carbon fiber staples, reinforces concrete cracks for walls, pool, slabs, bridge decks. They keep cracks from reopening. Stronger than Rebar, the Carbon Fiber staple does not corrode. Fast easy install. Best for concrete crack bridging or stitching. Reinforces epoxy injections and works well together.

Leaking foundation cracks with structural repair: Crack injection with Carbon Fiber Reinforcement. Less than $1300. Foundation settlement (large, wide foundation/floor cracks) Helical or Resistance Piers. Less than $1800 per pier on 5′-6' spacing, approximate depth 14′ or less. Bowing foundation wall (less than 2″) Carbon Fiber Reinforcement

Question Details Asked on 4/10/2013 with improving exterior drainage and the installation of carbon fiber reinforcing strips on the inside of the bowing basement wall. Carbon fiber strips will not allow the bowing wall to be straightened but it will stabilize the wall to prevent any further

Carbon fiber strips are applied to the wall. The number of strips to be applied as well as their placement is determined based on engineering data collected by basement contractors. The strips are applied to the wall to stabilize the wall and prevent further bowing.