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Must Have: Steam Shower + Sauna Combo *(but bigger and

Built-in sauna in your home by Kung Sauna. Having a sauna in your home is one very big advantage and the designers from Kung Sauna know that. They created a special sauna project that is designed specially for your home. If you purchase it for you house you can be sure that you will have a decent place for relaxation after a long and hard day.

Rocky Mountain Saunas custom designs all of our sauna models and ensures each sauna is manufactured to our specifications. We offer the safest sauna available anywhere with Zero rated EMF far infrared carbon panel emitters. Our Nano-Carbon™ infrared heating panels are 97% efficient in producing the exact bandwidth of far infrared light/ heat that precisely matches the bio-frequency of the

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Indoor saunas come in similar configurations, though with flat ceiling panels instead of a roof. Choose a precut sauna package, also from Finlandia Sauna Inc., which includes everything you need to build the sauna: the heater, lights, door, flooring and water dipper. These kits are cut to your specifications.

Building personal saunas is relatively simple if a good location is selected and the adequate materials are purchased. Although styles and sizes of saunas vary, the basic principles of sauna construction are the same, and these steps will give you a general outline of how to build a home sauna.

How to Turn a Bathroom Into a Sauna. Run the hot water in your bathtub. Point the shower head toward the wall. You want the steam to escape and engulf the room, so keep the shower curtains open. If the running water does not allow you to do this, don't worry. It'll take a bit longer for the steam to engulf the room with closed curtains, but it'll still do the trick.