Bathroom Sink Plug Hole Replacement

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Bathroom Sink Plug Hole Replacement

Posted by Bressan Alexandre on Friday, 10 January, 2020 14:56:32

A build-up of hair and soap scum around the tail piece can also cause the water to drain slowly from the sink. Removing the old pop-up drain plug and replacing it when a new one will help your

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Push the pop-up stopper down into the drain opening inside the sink, making sure the hole in the linkage is facing toward the back of the sink. Once the stopper is in position, insert the pivot rod into the opening in the side of the tailpiece from under the sink. Usually, there is a plastic washer on each side of the plastic ball.

This video shows you how to replace a sink plug in your home. The instructions in this video are designed to help you. If you don't feel confident or able to carry out the repair safely, please

When ordering a replacement bathroom sink pop-up stopper, it is important to compare the size of the top of the stopper and the material of the body to determine the correct replacement. Note: The ** denotes a finish is required when ordering the stopper.

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