?>Bathroom Light Fixture Without Outlet Box | 2020 Home Design

Bathroom Light Fixture Without Outlet Box | 2020 Home Design

New Bathroom : Bathroom light fixture with outlet plug

Attaching a light fixture junction box to a wall doesn't necessarily require a stud, but it does help. Find out how to attach a light fixture junction box to a wall with no stud with help from a

I uninstalled my old bathroom light fixture to replace it with a nicer light but found that there is no stud and no wall box behind the sheet rock. The old light fixture is very light but the new one is not. Is it safe to attach the new light fixture without studs or wall box to attach it to?

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Bathroom Vanity Light - No Junction Box Question. Close. 6. Posted by. u/Earthsiege. 2 years ago. Archived. Installing wall or ceiling fixtures without a junction box is common if there is a wiring space in the fixture. Doing what they did to get around the studnot so good.

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Tip. If the box is less than an inch off-center, you should be able to compensate by adjusting the position of the fixture on the crossbar, which is the mounting adapter that screws to the box.