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A backwater valve (sometimes called a backflow valve) could reduce the likelihood that sewage will flow into your basement when the main sewer system begins to back up. It allows water from your toilets, sinks, and bathtubs to flow out of your home — but if water begins to flow backwards, the flap on the backwater valve will close and stop it.

If flood waters or sewage fill your basement, you must clean properly to prevent you and your family from becoming sick or injured. Do not bring children into the flooded area during dean-up! If you experiencea sewer backup , it is recommended that a professionally trained restoration firm be utilized.

How to Resolve Basement Floor Drain Backup. A question that home owners often ask is, my basement floor drain is backing up when I use the water in the house, what do I do? Here are some ideas and first steps that need to be taken when dealing with a floor drain.

Causes of sewer backups. While most basement water problems are not caused by sewer backups, the Civil Engineering Research Foundation reports that the number of backed up sewers is increasing at an alarming rate of about 3 percent annually. There are a number of causes of sewer backups—here are some of the most common.

A clogged and backed up sewer drain is a residential plumbing nightmare. After Justin Castleman, Master Plumber, clears the nasty floor drain problem, see the "inspection", as the state-of-the art