?>Basement Insulation Owens Corning | 2020 Home Design

Basement Insulation Owens Corning | 2020 Home Design

Insulating Interior Basement Walls - Residential

Owens Corning has the basement insulation products you need, including FOAMULAR rigid foam insulation, to insulate the basement and add comfortable extra living space to your customers' homes

Featuring CodeBord® Exterior Air Barrier System -- Owens Corning® Canada's building science innovation creating a high performance basement insulation and moisture management system for the

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Insulating Interior Basement Walls With batts and rolls from R-11 to R-21, it's easy to add insulation to interior basement walls. EcoTouch® insulation with PureFiber® technology is a practical choice for basements and all around the house because it is easy to use and environmentally sustainable.

Insulating Unconditioned Crawlspaces Adding PINK® FIBERGLAS™ batts between the joists in an unheated crawlspace ceiling stops cold air from rising up into the floor above. Always install the insulation—from one end of the house to the other—with the vapor retarder toward the warm side of the structure in heating climates.

Owens Corning products give you the power to make each floor of the building a controlled thermal environment. Above new or existing standard suspended ceiling tiles, Sonobatts® Insulation is designed to improve both the noise control and thermal performance.