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Basement ceilings are often overlooked by homeowners. Using a little creativity and some inexpensive supplies, a basement ceiling can be transformed from an ignored area to a functional and attractive focal point. Here are some cool basement ceiling ideas for your inspiration.

Basement Ceiling Ideas - Basement is broadly known as an underground area of buildings. You may have a basement in your house. Basements are also found out at campuses, supermarket, car parks and another place. This area actually cannot be overlooked anymore. You might need a basement ceiling ideas to transform your basement.

Room Types. Certain rooms lend themselves to an inexpensive basement remodel more than others. Rooms like a media room or a living room may require new furniture, finished walls and ceilings, and

There are many ways to cover an unsightly ceiling, whether it's genuinely ugly or you just want a change. Some of these projects are economical and others are more of an investment. So, the path you take to cover your ceiling depends on how much you're willing to spend and your own personal taste. Here are 14 ceiling coverup ideas to consider.

Adding in a finished ceiling is an inexpensive way to give this space a more hospitable appeal and turn it into a more functional space. It also allows you to install insulation to help make the garage more heat efficient. The following garage ceiling ideas can make your garage feel quite cozy, especially with a bit of paint on the walls. Many

Inexpensive Basement Ceiling Ideas. By Wade Shaddy November 7, 2017. The basement is one of the first places people look when they seek to expand living space in the home, and finishing off basement ceilings offers particular challenges, since they are often low-hanging and may have pipes, ductwork or other obstacles to work around.